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Paws & Read


Therapy Dogs NationwideThe ‘Paws & Read Scheme’ is an initiative whereby sociable and specially trained Therapy Dogs help children to develop a passion for reading.

Reading to dogs can help children to develop their reading skills and can also help children to build confidence, self-esteem and can encourage positive behaviour.

Please note, all volunteers must complete a minimum of 3 months regular visiting in another establishment before enrolling on the Paws & Read programme.

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TDN Recommends… Pawfully Good Reading

Hey DogHey Dog! Let’s Talk! Is a beautifully illustrated children’s guide to understanding dogs and learning to communicate with them in a way they will understand.

Written with 4 to 7 year olds in mind it is intended to be read with parents to stimulate discussion.  It is the author’s hope that parents will encourage their children to practice the communication techniques with the dogs around them and that this in turn will help to reduce the number of avoidable dog bites that are sadly on the increase.

The knowledge gained from this book is not only important for children wishing to develop safe relationships with their family dogs, but it can be invaluable to those who are frightened or otherwise don’t want to interact with dogs at all.

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Google The Reading DogWhen Google was in the room, remarkable things happened – He motivated the unmotivated, he inspired those who didn’t want to try to have a go, he gave confidence to the quiet, shy and lonely and he calmed the angry.

For eight years Golden Retriever Google accompanied his best friend, Sandy Childs, when she worked in schools. Google’s patient, gentle and loving nature proved an inspiration in helping children who were reluctant readers, writers and learners, any of whom had additional learning needs and emotional issues, to find joy in learning.

Google’s message was simple but powerful: I can read and so can you.  

Inspiring, educational and deeply moving, Google The Reading Dog demonstrates how the love of a dog can enhance a young person’s motivation and confidence to learn.

With contributions from educators and the students themselves, it illustrates the many ways in which Google contributed to lessons across the curriculum and provides guidance for other educators who might want to explore this unique teaching pathway.

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Rhodery The Therapy DogRhodry loves story time with his little people. But his little people are growing up.

Rhodry is sad. Will Rhodry manage to find new little people to read to him?

This is the story of how Rhodry became a Therapy Dog with Therapy Dogs Nationwide.

The latest of the popular Rhodry the Scottish Deerhound books.

Another heartwarming story about the loveable hound.

Written for children – enjoyed by all.

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Paws & Read

Paws & Read - Therapy Dogs Nationwide

Paws & Read

Paws and Read - Therapy Dogs Nationwide

Paws & Read - Therapy Dogs Nationwide

Paws and Read

Paws & Read

Paws and Read Therapy Dogs Nationwide