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Can my dog wear a harness for visiting?

Currently, unless we have a letter from your vet or canine physio requesting that your dog wears a harness, we ask that your dog wears a flat collar and lead during their visits.  Ideally, they will be wearing their TDN collar and lead as part of their uniform, but we will accept a plain black and/or yellow collar and lead.

We will also permit fabric or leather martingale / fishtail collars (more commonly known as a greyhound collar).  We do not allow choke chains or half check chains during visits.

What do we wear if we are going to appear in photos?

We are all about having fun, but we do like to project a smart and professional image at all times.

When representing the charity, please ensure your dog is in correct uniform for photographs, TDN flat collar / lead and bandana / jacket.

You are part of a unique family, we know you will wear your uniform with pride.

When do I wear uniform?

Our volunteers are proud to be part of TDN and often wear full uniform when visiting their regular establishments.  For the volunteer, this is a TDN polo shirt, black trousers or skirt, black shoes and your ID badges.

The dog has a yellow collar and lead with the Therapy Dog logo and either a TDN bandana or coat.  It makes them easily identifiable as a visiting team.  We would always ask that your dog has their collar / lead and bandana / coat on for identification purposes, but you do not have to be in uniform for your regular visits.

We don’t currently provide outdoor clothing but have official badges that can be sewn onto a black or yellow fleece or hoodie.