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How do I fund raise?

We have many fund-raising events around the country.  Your ATL / RM is often your best place to start and we regularly update our news feeds and Facebook with upcoming events.

However, you don’t have to wait for a local event, why not organise one of your own?

Stickers and leaflets and business cards are available for all volunteers and flags, banners and collecting tins can be arranged through your ATL.

What is an awareness day?

Awareness days usually involve a small group of local volunteers and their dogs who will have a small stand at a show or fair to share the work we do and recruit new volunteers.  They may be asked to give talks to community groups such as the WI or Scouts.

Can we go to Crufts?

Crufts is the highlight of our social calendar.  It’s four days of not stop fundraising and awareness.

We all have the “best dog in the world” and we all want to show off how proud we are to represent TDN but often people do not give full consideration as to how overwhelming Crufts can be.  It’s noisy, it’s tiring, it’s busy.  It is often difficult to move due to the sheer number of people, there are buggies and pushchairs and bags.  People will approach your dog from all angles and never think to ask before stroking them.

Your dog may be ideally suited to visiting nursing homes or busy schools but please think twice about bringing them to Crufts.  That said we usually have a small number of dog and handler tickets each year.  Please keep an eye on the Crufts page for further information and how to apply.