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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Donations Received – Feb 2020

We would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their generous donations

Daphne Hicks

Jessica Housden

Amanda Cahill

PayPal Giving Fund UK

Bryter Ltd

Debra Ashcroft

Heather Curtis

Sarah Dunnagan

Alexandra Blanco

Tim Haycocks

David Sanchez

Mimi Zhao

Kathryn Robson

Kate Maszluch

Malcolm Anderson

Matthew Smith

Spartacus needs your help

Eileen Slattery - Therapy Dogs NationwideSpartacus is one of our original Therapy Dogs and he needs your vote.


He down to the the final three in the Hardest Working Dog competition run by Autarky Foods.  Currently he is in the lead in the Healthcare Dog category and competition is tight.


With everything to play for please click here to find out more information and to vote for Sparti.


Voting closes at midnight on Monday 30th March 2020.

Important update for volunteers & establishments regarding COVID-19


Therapy Dogs Nationwide

16th March 2020


Important update for volunteers & establishments regarding COVID-19.

Dear All

Today we have decided to suspend ALL activities until further notice while we all keep safe. This includes but is not limited to, regular visiting, one offs and assessments.

I am sure many of you are disappointed, but it is the sensible thing to do. Many volunteers have already cancelled their own activities and establishments are requesting that we do not attend at this time.

The admin team will continue to work behind the scenes during this time and are here to support you.

Thank you.

The Trustees


For the most up to date information for volunteers, please provide us with an email address and join our private Facebook group – TDN-volunteers only

Please let us know if your circumstances have changed so we can update our records.